eCommerce for Import Companies

A majority of the import companies are now using the internet to expand their customer base, research their competitors, locate new products and become involved in new markets.

Cypriot importing companies are interested in the business to business (B2B) segment of eCommerce as many of them purchase from foreign business to then make sales to the domestic market in Cyprus. For a Cypriot import company to be successful in the eCommerce sector they will need to consider various functionalities that will be required on their website.

1) eCatalogue – This is needed to show foreign business what products the company wishes to import into Cyprus.

2) Specifications – Technical and delivery information that is detailed.

3) Online quotes – The functionality for a foreign business to send a quote to the import company.

4) Shopping cart – The facility for the domestic business to purchase products that have been imported into the country.

5) Order status – The ability for a buyer to view their order status

6) Notifications – A system to allow notifications to be sent to a prospective buyer that has requested a particular product be imported into Cyprus and has now been added to the catalogue.

7) Payment – The ability for buyers to make payments for imported products.

8) Purchase Order – There should be the functionality for buyers to send PO for the products that are being offered for sale.

9) Billing – Automated invoice generation system.

Once an eCommerce site has been set up that incorporates the above functionality there will be no geographic restriction on where you can sell your imported products. An import company that began its life selling its products to a domestic market may now choose to expand and begin selling their products globally.

eCommerce Benefits
There are many benefits that can be had by turning towards eCommerce:-

Revenue Increase:-
There is a chance that your company will find that customers will increase the size of their orders as they have the ease of use of the eCommerce functionalities on your site. 

Client Base Expansion:-
There is no restriction on geographic location so your company is now being exposed to potential customers all across the globe.

Operating Costs:-
These will now be reduced as the workload for both your sales and support staff will have decreased. Marketing online is greatly cheaper than in the offline world.

Customer Service:-
The benefit of providing real time customer support online to your customers not only helps your reputation to grow but helps you to retain existing customers.

Is it Time for eCommerce for your Company?
Prior to the implementation of eCommerce for your import company you will need to decide if it is feasible for you right now. Will you receive all of the benefits mentioned in this article?

It goes without saying that just about every business will benefit from an eCommerce site but you need to ask yourself if your company is ready and has the time and money for this new commitment.