Wholesale Importers

Wholesale Importers The import industry is generally dominated by Wholesale importers. These types of importers are people who bring goods into their country from other countries. They import goods in bulk resulting in them being able to offer their products at a cheaper price.

A Beginner's Guide

Importing - A Beginner's Guide Steps to follow to begin your importation business:- 1) The first step is to register your business, obtain licences and make certain that any other legal requirement is met.

The Basics of Import

The Basics of Import A simple definition of import is the bringing of goods or commodities into a country from another country following the legal procedures set out in the trade laws. Goods that are produced by foreign producers and meant for domestic consumption are considered as imported goods.


eCommerce for Import Companies A majority of the import companies are now using the internet to expand their customer base, research their competitors, locate new products and become involved in new markets.


Import and Export Documents In the ever shrinking world of today there are very few businesses that do not require goods and/or services to cross national borders. It is the routine of many businesses for the import and export of goods and for others it is their lifeblood.

Auto Import

Auto Import One of the largest markets of car purchases in Cyprus each year is auto import. There are many reasons as to why many people look to foreign countries to make their car purchases. The expectation of the growth of auto imports is high with ever more fuel efficient automobiles being designed and manufactured and the ever increasing fuel costs.